Fume Extraction


Fume Extraction

We offer fume extractors that are suitable to exhaust fumes from welding, grinding, woodworking, marble cutting, automobiles etc. creating better working environment for the workers thus, increasing the efficiency of work.

Our fume extractors are manufactured with superior quality raw material and are designed to provide maximum efficiency. We offer different types of fume extractors for various types of applications:

Welding Fume Extractors

Our grinding / welding fume extractors are perfectly suited to remove various residues released during grinding or stone cutting process. Grinding / Welding fume extractor is built to be used in all those cases which executes processing of dry grinding, sharpening tools with emery grinding wheel where there is a possibility to convey incandescent particles with the air that might damage the filters.

The overall size of the system is very small and produces very low noise. The aspirated air can be recalculated in to the working environment thus saving energy and the running costs can be reduced through the implementation of high yield fans.

The filter used in this system can be cleaned manual by easily removing the filter unit with simple use of service wrenches. Due to the preliminary water system any spark present in the air is extinguished before it comes in contact with the filters. This prevents the danger of fabric damage as avoids fire hazard.

Soldering Fume Extractor

We provide various fume extraction system to eliminate the fumes released during soldering process.

Our range is distinguished upon size ranging from compact and portable fume extractors for on table usage and large fume extractors to fit under/besides the working table while taking no extra working space.

Portable Fume Extractors:
The portable fume extractors and deodorization system has been designed and implemented enabling modularity filtration devices that greatly extend their field of employment. Designed for the electronics industry for the extraction and filtration of fumes jobs, wave soldering, soldering stations, also find application in the chemical and pharmaceutical sector, in industry goldsmith, in professional schools.

The automobile exhaust extraction system

The automobile exhaust extraction system is the perfect solution to eliminate the smoke/fumes released from the exhaust of an automobile during its testing or working in a lab/garage.

This system enables direct suction from the source of emission using a special nozzle. The flexible hose-pipe enables this system to be used over a wide operating distance and thus makes it ideal for large workshop applications.

A considerable amount of precious energy from the vehicle is saved as the nozzle is directly fit into the exhaust pipe and only wasted/polluted air is removed.




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