Dust Collector


Dust Collector


The DC-Series manufactured by Air Mech Industrial Technologies is based upon the minimalistic design concept. This is an example for one of the most economic models of a Stand Alone type of Dust Collectors manufactured by Air Mech Industrial Technologies.

DC-Series Dust Collectors can solely supplement along the machine /processing system. Dust liberated from the source is imbibed via a precisely designed Blower and stored into the collection bin. DC-Series is ideal for low capacity dust output. DC-Series can be installed on single as well as multiple machines. Filters capable of arresting dust upto 2µ can be installed along with the system to provide fine filtration.

  • Efficient Design
  • Low Maintenance
  • Low Running Cost
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Low Noise


The CDC-Series of Dust Collector manufactured by Air Mech Industrial Technologies occupies minimum floor space. Dust from source is pulled into the system via the draught force of the peculiarly designed fan.

The cyclonic design of the system ensures separation of dust particles from the air-trap resulting in smooth flow of dust particles at a steady pace. System is ideal for low volume dust collection. CDC-Series can be installed individually with single or multiple machines. CDC-Series ensures filtration of upto 2µ.

Centralised Dust Collection Solutions

Air Mech Industrial Technologies provides centralised dust collection systems that ensure maximum volumetric dust arrest / separation / collection. Centralised Dust Collection systems are ideal for high capacity dust output. Air Mech Industrial Technologies provide Dust Collectors / Bag Filter / Bag House Dust Collectors to cater to various scenarios and Industrial applications.




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